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This little panel from X-Men #13 got me thinking… whose permission does Storm need in order to form a team of her own? I mean, Xavier is dead, Wolverine is no longer with the JGSHL, there is no one of higher-rank in the “gold”/Xavier’s dream side than Storm. Instead of just guessing I decided to go ahead and ask the source to see about that

And that’s where it just doesn’t make sense to me. Mutants are a community? Since when? They are fractured into different factions. You have Cyclops and his Revolution, The X-men living in the X-Mansion and following Xavier’s dream, Polaris and her corporate-sellouts, Cable and his X-Force doing whatever it is they’re doing, Mystique and her Madripoor Kingdom of former mutants drugged up on Dazzlercaine, Magneto alone killing humans with nails, “dead” Wanda and Rogue with the Avengers, Cannonball and Sunspot with another team of Avengers, Justice with the New Warriors, TeenClops in Space, and the other assorted mutants in Limbo living their separate lives. It really doesn’t feel like a community when everyone is doing their own thing without asking anybody else what to do…

I mean, can you imagine Storm going to each and every mutant and asking them if it would be ok for her to form a team of X-Men comprised of just women?

"Hey Mystique, I know you’re busy running this nation of mutants/former mutants/whatever but is it ok with you if I form my own X-Men team? I know, there is one already where we go around with your son and lolFirestar but I can have another one just for my girls?"

"Heil Summers! I know you’re trying to bring down SHIELD while being a terrorist or something, but can I have a team of X-Men made up with women and can we remind everyone every two issues that we’re X-Men and it’s ok to call us X-Men because how we’re called is the most important thing about us being together?”

"Yo, Polaris! Buy me a drink now that you get paid! Do you mind if I gather a bunch of people that live in the school I currently act as Headmistress of and go around in missions just telling everyone we’re X-Men? Is that ok with you?"

"Beast, can you stop for a minute trying to destroy the space-time continuum and making Uatu sick and tell me if it’s ok for me to take a team and go around the globe whenever we feel like it? Remind me again, what did I and the other mutants said when you asked us about bringing back the 05? I really can’t remember what I said when you asked the entire mutant community about that" 

"Peppers! I almost forgot about you! Do you have any issues with me having my own team with people that live with me and are technically under my employ since most of them are teachers in a school where I’m the maximum authority?"

There is no Mutant Senate where they vote on who gets a team and who doesn’t get a team. Mutants are a fractured bunch of people, they have always been a fractured bunch of people with different motives and directions. The only time they were anything remotely close to being a community was during the Utopia days and the rule of Summers, but those days are gone. There isn’t a sole leader of mutantkind that can tell people if it’s ok to form a team or it isn’t. Mutants don’t go around voting if they think it’s ok for one of them to form a team or not.

It just doesn’t make sense to me… someone said that X-Men #12 broke me. I guess they were right. 



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